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About Dr. Henry Han's Books

Dr. Han has co-authored two books. The first is a Bantam Book "Ancient Herbs, Modern Medicine" and the second is "Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves" in which he joins other famous names.

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  Healing Our Planet

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"Ancient Herbs, Modern Medicine"


Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves:
The Power of change Within to Change the World

Now, for the first time, a master Oriental herbalist and a western physician combine the timeless wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the technological advances of Western Medicine for many diseases and conditions that frustrate and elude modern biomedicine. "Ancient Herbs, Modern Medicine" demonstrates the many important and highly effective ways Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine can compliment each other in providing better health care, and how you can use this approach for your healing and wellness.

This book is written for the layperson offering an integrative approach of Chinese and Western Medicines in treating everything ranging from common to chronic illnesses, as well as degenerative and potentially fatal diseases.

It takes you through the healing experience of real people with many case studies explaining and demonstrating ow and why Chinese medicine works.

It offers a comprehensive overview of Chinese herbal medicine, its basic theories and practice and the reasons it remains a vital force in todays healing and why it is gaining worldwide acceptance for modern challenging health care issues.

There are discussions of dietary modification and life style adjustment as an integral part of treatment and wellness. Food as Medicine - Many tasty food remedy recipes for various conditions are set forth. Lists of medicinal foods with their health benefit properties.

The book emphasizes prevention and health maintenance. It shows what Chinese Medicine can offer to maximize your sense of well being, promoting longevity and enhancing athletic performance wether you are an athlete or not.

It also helps you to find qualified herbalists and how to work with a Chinese herbalist. It gives instruction on how to use "patent herbs" - Chinese herbal equivalent to western OTC medications, self -diagnostic tips and sources to obtain patent herbs as well as how to prepare herbs prescribed by an herbalist (for brewing directions click here).


The best of Eastern and Western medicine in an integrative healing system for the mind, body, and spirit.

Now, for the first time, a Western physician and a doctor of Oriental medicine combine the unparalleled technological advances of the West with the unmatched wisdom and healing touch Chinese herbal medicine provides for many diseases and conditions that elude modern medicine. Ancient Herbs, Modern Medicine demonstrates the many important, highly effective ways Chinese medicine and Western medicine can complement each other in treating everything from allergies and insomnia to mental illness and cancer. This accessible, comprehensive guide offers many informative and enlightening case studies and up-to-the-minute information on:

How integrative medicine combines the best of Western pharmacology and Eastern herbology

• How integrative medicine helps fight the diseases and illnesses of our time, including allergies, asthma, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and eases and even reverses symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, AIDS, heart disease, and cancer--often without side effects

• How Chinese medicine can help you recognize signs before an illness
becomes a crisis

• The importance of Western techniques in diagnosing serious diseases

• Why Chinese medicine offers the most effective treatment for many chronic/recurrent illnesses

• Restoring essential balance to the Five Energetic Systems--the Heart, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Kidney Energies

• The Eight Strategies of Herbal Therapy--how herbs work in your body

Plus illuminating discussions of the basic principles of Chinese medicine, as well as food remedy recipes, diagrams, glossaries of medical terms and herbs, resource listings, and much more to help you tailor an integrative health regimen that is right for you.

Buy from Amazon as an eBook (click here)

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